Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just enough bandwidth to upload stuff

I tried uploading a picture and video before the internet connection went down again. Just managed the picture, I'll try another day with the video. 

Full Battle Rattle
So here is the promised picture of me in body armor, or Full Battle Rattle. I was waiting for my scores after coming off the range during pre-qualification with the M4.
I did qualify with this weapon early today. I've now qualified the first time with both the M4 and M9 pistol.
I'm sure with more practice I'll be a more accurate shot. The body armor is a whole new concept to me, and getting it settled in a firing position doesn't come naturally. It was already hot by the time I got on the range, and my sunglasses kept slipping down my nose. The popup targets looked smaller than a postage stamp, and didn't stay up very long. Despite all that, I scored just enough to qualify.

I finally cried 'Uncle' from the pain on both heels. I'd gone to Medical several times but no one had asked to look at my blisters until a Chief Hospitalman in my company asked today. He immediately told me my boots were too big. Who knew?? I'd always thought you got blisters if your shoes were too tight. I'd also thought that boots were painful during the breaking in period. This has gone beyond pain to almost incapacitating. Two shipmates drove me over to the uniform shop this afternoon, where I plunked down big bucks for more comfortable, and better fitting, boots. I'm still hobbling noticeably, though. I'm hoping things straighten out soon.

Tomorrow is another day at the range, but no qualifying. We'll be firing larger weapons, including a 50-caliber machine gun. I'm looking forward to it. In less than a week, I will have learned to disassemble, clean, reassemble and fire two weapons, and fired several crew served weapons. What other middle-aged suburban mom can say that??!!

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AirmanMom said...

This is my first visit to your blog...I'd like to begin by thanking you for your service.
My prayers will be lifted for your strength and safety.
Keep writing, I'll keep reading!